HTML email signature in Zoho Mail

How to add a HTML signature in Zoho Mail. A very easy and stable solution.

1. The HTML

If you’re not sure about how to create a snazzy email signature then hire somebody to create it for you. They will know the limitations for creating a signature that looks great on all platforms. Ask them to provide you with the HTML with opening <body> and closing </body> tags as a .html file (if they provide it as a .txt file, then simply change the .txt to .html).

2. Delete your current signature

Go to – Login and click the cog icon and go to Signature and click the + icon to add a new signature and give it a name.

3. Paste your signature into place

Open your signature file (from Step 1, above) in your browser (tested in Chrome but other browsers should be okay). Go to Edit > Select All and Edit > Copy to copy your signature.

From your Zoho Mail Signature page select click in the Text Editor field and go to Edit > Paste to paste your signature into place.

That’s it! Very simple and looks great.

4. Send a test email

Just send a quick email to yourself to ensure everything is looking and working as it should.

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