iPhone to Mac Wireless Networking

Connect to your jailbroken iPhone to your Mac to add or retrieve files and folders.

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone then you might want to connect to your iPhone from your Mac in order to add or retrieve files and folders. Whatever you want to do here’s how you do it.

Install OpenSSH from your Cydia App

  1. Connect to your iPhone from a FTP app such as Transmit or Cyberduck using the SSH (SFTP) Protocol. For this you’ll need to know what IP address your iPhone is connecting to your Wireless Network with (go into your iPhone Settings > Wi-Fi and click the arrow next to your Wireless Network then make a note of your IP address (it might be that your IP address is dynamic so check this again if your connection doesn’t initially work.
  2. For the username and password enter “root” and “alpine”
  3. Now, you should have access to your iPhone’s file structure – make sure you know what you’re doing though as you don’t want to remove anything that’s vital to the workings of the iPhone!

If your FTP App doesn’t find your iPhone (and mine didn’t straight away) you may need to open a port on your router.

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