Backing up your Website using cPanel

Find out how to back up your website via cPanel

Update 1 Jan 2023: Your web host may have different backup modules installed on your cPanel so the guide below may not be relevant.

Backing up your website is just as important as backing up your computer. There’s always a chance the server, which stores your site, may go down or your site gets infected with a virus that leaves your data irretrievable. Most web hosts keep daily backups of your data but it’s also a good idea to keep a copy of your site on a backup drive.

It’s more than likely that your website will have a control panel (called cPanel) where you can set up new email addresses, password protect directory’s and do lots of other useful stuff. One of those being the ability to download a Backup of your Website and Databases. If you’re unsure whether you have a cPanel then contact your web hosts and ask.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Enter your cPanel url into your browser (This is usually
  2. Enter your username and password (these will have been provided in your Welcome Email)
  3. Under the “Files” panel click on “Backup Wizard”
  4. Click “Backup” and then choose what you would like a backup of. If unsure select “Full Backup”
  5. Select “Home Directory” as the Backup Destination, enter your email address and click “Generate Backup”. You will then receive an email your backup is available for download. Keep this page open in your browser.
  6. Go back to the website and click “Go back”. You will then see your Backup available for download. Click this and save it somewhere safe on your computer, preferably an external backup drive.

So how often do you download a backup of your site? Well, it depends how often you update your website. If you update it once a week then I’d download a backup once a week. If less often then once a month should suffice.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever need to revert to a previous backup but it’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s really not until something horrible does happen that you realise how important it is to backup your site.

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