iPhone Jailbreak for OS 3.0 Released

How to jailbreak your iPhone.

No sooner had Apple released the next major firmware update to it’s hugely successful iPhone then the good people over at Dev Team announced on Friday that their Pwnage Tool had been released.

I’ve already jailbroken and unlocked my 2G iPhone so I wasn’t too worried when I performed the necessary actions to start running OS 3.0 and I’m happy to say the process went very smoothly and I’m now running what appears to be a lot smoother version of the iPhone OS. My only annoyance is that I’m unable to get the Bluetooth Audio Streaming to work through my car stereo – one of the major factors I upgraded in the first place!

So how do you do it?

Follow the How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your iPhone 2G on OS 3.0 Using PwnageTool (Mac) guide on iClarified which is a fantastic step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak and unlock your 2G iPhone. If you’ve a 3G model then use this guide.

Important notes before doing so

  • Perform a final Sync in iTunes – as you’ll be restoring your iPhone to these settings at the end
  • Backup any data that iTunes doesn’t store i.e. Cydia Apps such as Cycorder movies, dTunes music etc. To do this you’ll need to SSH to your iPhone – now this sounds a daunting task but it’s not – it’s really not. Follow this simple guide to SSH on your iPhone. Most of the stuff you’ll want to back up is stored in /private/var/mobile/Media
  • Because iTunes won’t reinstall your Cydia Apps then it’s a good idea to download AptBackup on your iPhone – which makes a note of what Cydia Apps you’ve installed and then reinstalls them after the Firmware upgrade. Also a good idea to go into your Cydia App and click on Manage and then take screenshots of what’s in the Packages and Sources sections. Note: Take a screen shot by pressing the Power button and then press the Home button (you’ll see the screen flash and it’ll make a shutter noise)


  • Speed: Everything seems to be a bit quicker i.e. opening and closing apps as well as keyboard access
  • Copy & Paste: As usual Apple do this in a very user friendly way. Just double tap and drag the bars to copy – easy!
  • Sync Notes: At last you can sync your notes!
  • Logins: Save your login details for websites
  • Search: There’s a spotlight search (swipe all the way to the left) and also you can search within Mail
  • Landscape Mode: I’m not a huge fan of landscape mode but hey, you can do it now!
  • MMS: Is now supported on the 3G iPhone (If you don’t have a 3G iPhone simply download SwirlyMMS from Cydia)

Those are just a few things I’ve noticed – I’m sure there’s lots of others.

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