HTML email signature in Outlook

How to add a HTML signature to Microsoft Outlook. Originally for Outlook 2007 but should work in later versions.

As I don’t use Windows on a daily basis, I only have Outlook 2007 but this should be similar for the latest versions of Outlook too.

1. The HTML

If you’re not sure about how to create a snazzy email signature then hire somebody to create it for you. They will know the limitations for creating a signature that looks great on all platforms. Ask them to provide you with the HTML with opening <body> and closing </body> tags as a .html file (if they provide it as a .txt file, then simply change the .txt to .html).

2. Create a signature in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook and go to Tools > Options > Mail Format > Signatures > Signatures…

Click New to create a new signature file and give it a memorable name. You don’t need to add any content to the Edit signature field as we’ll be overwriting this in the next step.

Click OK > OK and quit Outlook.

3. Open the Signatures folder

In the Search Box in Windows (usually in the bottom left corner, next to the Windows icon) type the following

C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures (obviously changing “yourusername” with your actual computer username. If you’re unsure what this is, then start typing C:\Users\ and a list of possible users will appear.

4. Paste the HTML Signature

Locate the name of the signature you created in Outlook. You should see 3 files with the same name. You only require the HTM File type one (look in the Type column to get the correct one)

Right-Click on the file name and select Open with > Notepad

Select All and Delete the content that currently exists

Open your new HTML Signature file (that your designer/developer provided) in Notepad and Select All > Copy

Go back to the empty Signature file and Paste your new Signature content. Close the window, ensuring you select Save when asked.

5. Look at your lovely new signature!

Open Outlook and create a new Mail Message. If you can’t see your new signature, ensure you select it from the Signature button in the menu bar.

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