Web Browsing Tips #1: Find in Page

Find copy in page in a web page.

The Internet can be a very big and daunting place for all of us. It’s unknown the exact amount of web pages that exists on the World Wide Web but it’s well over a billion, so being able to find exactly what you’re after can be a tricky task. Over the coming weeks we’ll try to demystify and help you become a superb surfer. The tips will be in no particular order so keep checking back or better still subscribe to the email updates (enter your email address on the right) to receive the tips direct to your email inbox.

It’s more than likely you’ll have used Google or another search engine to get to a website so you’ll already have an idea of what you’re after. Rather than hunting around the page simply use the browser’s Find in page function, type in a keyword/phrase and hit find. By clicking the Return Key you’ll then be able to quickly go through all instances of this search term. You can then quickly scan the sentence to see if that’s useful for you. Shortcuts; Mac: Command (Apple Key) + F, PC: Ctrl + F

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