Stay secure, use more than one password

We need passwords for everything, but how can we stay secure and have multiple passwords without having to remember them all.

We’re all guilty of it – you generally have one, maybe two, passwords that you use for everything you log in to on the web. Now, we all know this isn’t the most secure way of doing things but when you have to have usernames and passwords for hundreds of sites then how are you supposed to remember more than one or two?

Just think if someone found out your one and only password. How easy would it be for them to go through every, popular, online site – login and buy something – a nice present from you to them!

There are Password Manager Apps for both Mac and PC that allow you to store all of your passwords (and other vital data) and then open up that data using just one password. For the Mac there’s 1Password and for the PC there’s Login King. Both currently retail for $39.95 (around £26) but that really is money well spent.

From now on whenever you have to open a new online account it’s simple enough to choose a secure password in the knowledge that you don’t need to remember it. In fact, go back through your existing online accounts and choose a new password.

A very useful site, to help choose a secure password is If you want your password to be really secure then leave all the default options and also check the (.?:;!,) checkbox. This will then include less commonly used characters in your password.

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