Blogger to WordPress Import

A short guide on how to move your blog from Blogger to Wordpress.

If you’re wanting to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress then here’s a short guide on how do so. Follow the steps and you’ll have your new WordPress blog set up in no time…

This should be a straightforward process but as usual the easy things can turn into a nightmare. The “easy” way is to go into your newly created WP Blog and select Tools > Import > Blogger. If you’re lucky then it will go ahead and import your Blogger blog. If you’re not you may get an authorisation error such as this:

The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. Please contact the site that you were trying to use when you received this message to inform them of the error. A detailed error message follows:

The site “” has not been registered.

If you do then follow these steps:

1. In your Blogger dashboard click “Settings” and then “Export blog”. Click “Download Blog” on the next screen.

2. Next visit and upload your recently downloaded Blogger XML file and click “Convert”. This will then save the WordPress XML to your Computer.

3. Next go back to your WP Admin panel and select Tools > Import > WordPress and upload the latest XML file you previously downloaded. This will then import your Blogger posts into WP.

4. Next download the Blogger Image Import Reloaded plugin and upload to your Plugins directory via FTP.

5. Go back to your WP Admin panel and select Plugins and activate the plugin.

6. Finally go to Settings > Blogger Image Import and click “Start Import” which will then relink all of your Blogger images and add them to your local WP uploads directory. * See update, below.

There you have it – your Blogger blog is now a WordPress Blog!

*** UPDATE ***

Okay, I’ve found that the Blogger Import plugin does have issues with some – not all – images where the do not import correctly and leave broken links. I therefore had to use a combination of Hot Linked Image Cacher and Cache Images.

18 replies on “Blogger to WordPress Import

  1. Avatar photo Nick Holt says:

    As an alternative, I’d suggest WP Site Importer ( In particular, it correctly deals with updating all the internal links and image references. It’s also really, really fast.

  2. Avatar photo Elena Ioakim says:

    i try importing my blog posts from blogger but it showed me error, I want to use the blogger export file but what if we lose the posts? do we know what is wrong with blogger and it does not accept it?

    1. Avatar photo daretothink says:

      Hi Elena. Tbh, I’ve not had to do a blogger import in the past 3 or 4 years! As I don’t know what error you’re seeing or why you would think you lose your posts, I’m a little unsure as to what to suggest. If you give some more info then I may be able to help.

  3. Avatar photo Nataliya Bogdanets says:

    Very useful post. Thanks for sharing! But why not have all the job done in a fully automatd manner? There’s a pool of online converters available online. A little time back I made the switch using this tool and was blown away by its speed and ease of use.

    1. Avatar photo daretothink says:

      Thanks for sharing this. This original article was written back in 2011 and so this plugin wasn’t available back then. I’ll be sure to check it out when I next need to do an import to WordPress.

  4. Thank for your tips, now i can move my blogger custom domain into wordpress self hosting

    1. Avatar photo daretothink says:

      If you mean a regular domain i.e. what you would buy from godaddy or similar then yep, don’t see an issue with that. Tbh, I don’t know how the blogger custom domain’s work or who you purchase those from?

  5. Avatar photo van my says:

    Version failure:

    Error: Server Error

    The server encountered an error and could not complete your request.

    If the problem persists, please report your problem and mention this error message and the query that caused it.

    I don’t understand why the error. How to fix?

    may loc nuoc

  6. Avatar photo Anh Pham Thi says:

    thank for trick, I’m used to WordPress, Wordprss is best, good for SEO, For Business

  7. I just used your instructions and I got most of my images on my blog to move to my WordPress site. Thank you so much! I’m going to save this for future reference!

    1. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      Glad it’s still working! Been quite a while since I’ve had to import from Blogger.

  8. Thanks for such a nice trick

  9. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

    Are you talking about Step 3 when you import your XML file? How big is the file you’re attempting to import?

    1. Avatar photo Grovesk65 says:

      Yep. The file is 3.5 MB (he’s been blogging there for ages).  I found this article here but as I’m new to this, wasn’t sure if that was good advice.

      1. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

        Yep that seems like pretty good advice. You can usually solve this by changing the upload limit in your php ini file which should reside in your root folder. I’m based in the UK so it’s a bit late mow for me to look any further. If you need any help just gimme a shout. If not let me know how you get on. Thanks again, Alan

        1. Avatar photo Grovesk65 says:

          Thanks Alan. I’ll update the comment thread here after I’ve looked at that tomorrow. Say hi to my mother country. I’m from Herefordshire but work in Portland, Oregon right now. 

          1. Avatar photo Grovesk65 says:

            Got this to work.

            The only change I made was to increase the file size in the php.ini file. Didn’t make any changes in the htaccess file. Just this did the trick on my local server which is where I was testing. However, I noticed when I went to my live install, the file size limit was already set to 8MB for a WordPress import. 

            However, this is at least an answer for anyone else who runs into this problem. upload_max_filesize=64M

  10. Avatar photo Grovesk65 says:

    Great article. What do I do if I get a message that the blogger XML file is too large?

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