Was my Adobe account hacked?

The number of Adobe accounts that were hacked in October 2013 has now been revised to 150 million! Find out if you were one of those unlucky “few” using a quick tool by the makers of LastPass.

Late last month Adobe confirmed that it had been hacked and subsequently you may have been one of the 2.9 million accounts that had been affected. That figure then changed to 38 million and now that figure has risen to 150 million! Yes, 150 million user’s accounts may have been compromised. So how can you tell if your Adobe account was one of those leaked? Thankfully LastPass (a leading company in password management) have created a tool on their site to check against the usernames (email addresses) that were compromised. It’s worth checking now at www.lastpass.com/adobe as Adobe appear not to have informed everybody who have been affected.

As we’ve mentioned before at Dare to Think, if you’re using the same password for all of your online accounts then don’t! Use a password manager such as LastPass or 1Password to store all of your passwords and then use a stupidly long password to unlock all of those passwords. Obviously that doesn’t mean you should use passwords such as abc123 or 123456 (it still amazes me that these passwords are still a few of the most popular passwords that people use. See this BBC; Analysis reveals popular Adobe passwords)

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