VertuVin Wine Producers web update

VertuVin Wine ProducersContinuing our relationship with VertuVin Wine Producers, we’ve been busy working with Stephen on updating their website to freshen up the site and add further functionality. The main focus was the wines section which now includes technical descriptions downloads, clear labelling of the wines and regions as well as fancy pop-ups of the wine bottles.

All useful information when selling their services to producers, wine buyers, importers and distributors. We’re continuing to work with VertuVin on a regular basis to help them create their perfect business.

Here’s what they had to say “We have just completed the next version of our B2B website, working very closely with Alan from Dare to Think. At the beginning I thought this was going to be a relatively straightforward exercise, but it has taken many different and unexpected twists and turns and I have to thank Dare to Think for their never-ending patience and excellent customer service. Thanks guys – you actually made this quite a pleasurable experience!” Stephen Cronk – Managing Director

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