Dare to Think is Alan Green, a designer / developer / project manager producing work for a wide spectrum of clients including those just starting up, Mirabeau Wine, to those who are known around the world,

Dare to Think was set up in 2008 but I’ve been working in the design and development industry for over 20 years. Lots of commercial experience has been gained along the way working with business types including sports betting, city finance, book publishers, photographic studios, government departments and lots lots more.

A lot has been learnt and that’s great news for you as it means we know what we’re doing, what we shouldn’t be doing and ultimately how to give you exactly what you want, making sure that the work doesn’t just look pretty but will do what it was intended to do and do it well.

The most important thing for us is that every client and every project is given the same personal touch you deserve and you know exactly who you’ll be speaking to, who will be designing and developing your project and who the buck stops at… that’s me! Dare to Think aims to make everything simple and to produce high quality work that you’ll be pleased with that you’ll let everyone know who created it and how great they were to work with.

We found the service both exemplary and value for money and will have no hesitation in using them in the future.

Martin Worby – Out There Films LLP [More testimonials]