Mirabeau Wine website launch

We’re really proud to have worked with Stephen on another project. This time he’s producing a wine that will be launched in the UK ready for the heat of spring and summer (if we get any heat that is). The wine is called Mirabeau and its a rosé. We’ve been working together for a few months now building the website and, even if we do say so ourselves, it’s fantastic! Take a look now and subscribe to the twitter feed, facebook page and youtube channel as well as newsletter sign up so you can stay up to date with latest developments as the wine begins it’s sampling stage with the buyers.

Along the way Stephen has put together a series of videos showing us everything he’s had to do to get the wine into production. It really is a fascinating site  – don’t worry the videos are short, informative and fun. There’s also another section titled “Understanding wine” where he’s video’d knowledgeable folk in the wine industry so we can know such things as what to do when the waiter asks you to taste the wine, how they harvest the grapes, what’s best – screw cap or cork as well as my favourite – how to open a bottle of champagne… with a sword! Something I’m still yet to try but will do soon, probably when I’m drunk and end up cutting my arm off as opposed to the top of the bottle!

Features include: Social networking, Forum, Videos, Newsletters, User interaction with star ratings and lots lots more.

There’s also a competition on the site which gives you the chance to win the very first case of Mirabeau off the production line!

Find out more by visiting www.mirabeauwine.com – we wish Stephen the best of luck with Mirabeau and can’t wait to try some soon!

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