Dare to Think – Rethink and Relaunch

This month, saw the relaunch of Dare to Think. Why does it need a relaunch, I hear you ask. Well, we’ve taken on board our own company name and dared to think about the site and services we provide. Most importantly we have some fantastic ongoing relationships with our current clients, so we asked them and others what they’d like to see on the site and from a design company.

The most popular request was to have simple and straight-forward pricing. We all want to know what you get and for what price. It can be a turn off when you visit a fancy design agency website and all you see is “contact us for a quote”. We’ve, therefore, added prices and packages for our most popular services but they’ll still be some things that it’s simply not possible to give a set price for. For example, if you require a completely bespoke website or maybe a printed catalogue then there’s too many possibilities so we’d sooner you get in touch. We can then chat about what you’re wanting to do and achieve and provide a quote based on your requirements.

Next up was to make everything simple to understand. The site is now in plain English – there may be a few things that you’re not sure of but we hope to make your life easier when it comes to finding what you want and understanding what it is. If you’re still unsure, don’t worry, we’re nice people and will be there to help at all times.

And finally, we’ve got our very own blog – we wondered what all the fuss was about so set one up of our very own to share and discuss design and development know-how and lots of other stuff we hope you find useful. If there’s something you’d like us to look at then drop us an email – we’ll see what we can do and then hopefully write a post about it.

If you’d like to see something added to the site or a package that would be of use then please get in touch or add a comment below and we’ll see what we can do. We want to make it simple for all of our clients, present and future, to order from us and to have something they’re over the moon with and want to let the whole world know about Dare to Think!

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