Create an HTML Signature for Apple Mail

Apple Mail is great, such a pleasant email client to use for work and play but there’s one frustrating thing and that’s that there’s no obvious way of creating an html signature. So you’re stuck with just having text.

Now with that said, when you do create your HTML signature don’t go over the top and create one with loads of images that will take a day to load. Email clients often ask the user whether it’s safe to download the images – so your signature may not be seen in all the glory you wanted.

So here’s how:

1. Create your HTML signature using an html editor such as TextWrangler (FREE), Adobe Dreamweaver or similar. If you’re using CSS to style your elements then you’ll need to do this inline as some email clients, notably Gmail, don’t display internal stylesheets.

2. View your HTML page in Safari and choose File > Save and make sure the Format is set to Web Archive. You can call it whatever you like as we’ll be renaming the file anyway.

3. Okay, in Apple Mail create a new Signature by going to File > Preferences and select the Signatures tab. Add anything to your signature – we’ll be changing it to your new one anyway. When done close the Preferences Window and Quit Mail.

4. Now go to your Desktop and navigate to User > Library > Mail > Signatures and locate the signature you’ve just created (you’ll have to look at the Modified Date because the file name is a bit long and doesn’t relate to what you’ve created. Copy the entire name of that file.

5. Locate the file you saved in Step 2 and rename it with that you’ve just copied.

6. Drag the renamed file into your Signatures folder and choose Replace when prompted.

Now, when you open up Mail and view your Signatures you’ll see your new version there. It’s worth testing it by sending to various email clients such as Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook just to see if it looks the same.

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