Change the default wordpress@ email address

By default WordPress emails, such as comment notifications, are sent from

WordPress <>

Not entirely sure why WordPress doesn’t have a built-in option to change this but if you want to change it simply add this to your functions.php file…

Obviously substituting ‘’ and ‘Your Name’

  • This is really good.
    But this is always the same mail , what if I have to get the user’s email that has compiled the form?
    How should I do?

    • The Problem is when I click the Gmail or Aruba’s reply button.
      This will mail me to and not to user’s mail.

      • daretothink

        Hi Mattia. I’m not really sure exactly what you are attempting to do? The above function is really only to change the official wordpress@ email address and nothing else.

  • Theticus

    This works like a dream. Awesome! thank you so much..

  • John S.

    You can use update from name and from email easily

    • daretothink

      Yes, you certainly can use that but as this is a simple function, there’s no need to add another plugin to your site.

  • Josue

    It works. Thanks!

  • jobs4adams

    Many thanks man, you are the best.
    It works very fine.

  • Penelope

    I am going to use this on my website. I noticed this site has not been updated since 2014. Just double checking this still works smoothly before I place code in my functions.php — and I agree, I can’t stand using plugins. The less plugins the better! Also, where do I place this code in my functions.php ?

    I don’t mind the –> I just want to change the ‘Your Name’ so it doesn’t pop up as “WordPress” in my inbox.

    • daretothink

      Hi. The site was updated last week but yes, you’re correct this article was written back in 2014. The code should still work fine, however. Just add the code to the bottom of your functions.php file. If the functions.php has a closing end tag then make sure you place it before that.

      • Penelope

        Wow thank you for the quick response! I will make those adjustments. I made an edit and didn’t see your response.

        I don’t mind the ‘’ –> I just want to change the ‘Your Name’ so it doesn’t pop up as “WordPress” in my inbox. Will it be a problem if i leave the but change the “your name?”

        • daretothink

          If you only want to change the name then remove lines 2 and 5-7 from the code above.

          • Penelope

            Worked like a charm. Thanks for all your help!!!

          • daretothink

            Great stuff. Glad I could help 🙂

  • Yep worked like a dream! thanks!!