• wordpress

    Delete unused custom fields in WordPress

    The WordPress database can soon become full of redundant data. One of those bits of data are unused custom fields that you may have used on a previous theme or simply don’t need any more on your current theme. Find out how to remove it here.

  • type-tools

    Type Tools launched

    We’ve just relaunched our very own Character Counter, Case Converter and Google SEO Title and Description tool into one great new site called Type Tools.

  • wordpress

    Add category, tag and time data to your WordPress post template

    Find out how to add your post’s categories, tags and the time your post went live to your WordPress template.

  • wordpress-login-logout-link

    Add category description if it exists

    Find out how to add the category description to your category template in Wordpress.

  • wordpress

    Remove p tags from category description

    By default Wordpress adds paragraph tags to category descriptions. Stop this by adding the following to your functions.php file…

  • wordpress

    Change the default wordpress@ email address

    By default Wordpress emails, such as comment notifications, are sent from wordpress@yourdomain.com. If you want to change that email and from field then read on…

  • iOS

    Stop iOS styling your input fields and buttons

    So, you’re designed a lovely website only to find out Apple’s iOS decides it wants to take the design into it’s control by styling your input fields i.e. adding rounded corners and dropshadows to text fields and input buttons. Well, it’s a very simple fix. Just add this to any input fields or buttons you […]

  • isotope-resize-elements

    Isotope not animating on window resize?

    If your isotope elements are not animating on window resize i.e. responsive websites, then it’s often a very simple fix – here’s that fix. I always forget to add this code to my isotope builds! Hopefully I’ll remember to do so now I’ve written a post about it.

  • wordpress

    Using Adaptive Images in WordPress

    A quick, and easy to follow, guide on how to use adaptive images on a Wordpress site to help reduce page size on mobile devices. This tutorial also be used for standard websites.

  • google-analytics

    Add a new account to Google Analytics

    The simple task of adding a new site to your Google Analytics account, in 3 easy steps.