How to Unlike a page on Facebook

Not too sure why Facebook have seemingly made everything really tricky to find and do nowadays but hey ho, if that’s what they want to do then unfortunately we’ll have to go along with it! Anyway, here’s how you unlike a page in Facebook…

  1. Go to your timeline (that’s the page with the big header image and the square profile image on the left side)
  2. Click the “About” link below your profile picture
  3. In the footer at the bottom of the page click “Create a Page” (don’t worry it won’t create anything.
  4. Click “Pages I Like” in the top right corner to see all of the pages you currently Like
  5. Hover over the “Liked” button and click the “Unlike” link (you may find that this popup menu doesn’t appear. I found that by clicking in the space next to the button and then hovering or clicking on the button again somehow makes the popup appear.

Sooo, hopefully that’ll help whoever manages to find this post on Google!

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