Free and Simple Social Media Icon Set

A simple, clean and bold social media icons set (also includes a few other icons). The set comprises of 59 icons including variations. Available to download in 48px, 32px and 24px PNG format and also available as a fully grouped and layered Illustrator file allowing you to change the background colour to whatever takes your fancy.

You’re free to use these icons anywhere. You don’t have to give us a credit (although it would be lovely if you did in the form of a link back to our site). More importantly we’d love to know where and how you’ve used them so add a comment below letting us know.

Download 24×24 icon set
Download 36×36 icon set
Download 48×48 icon set
Download Layered AI file

Icons include:

AIM x 3
Amazon x 2
Dare to Think
Delicious x 2
Digg x 2
Email x 3
Favourite x 2
Feedburner x 2
Flickr x 2
Google x 2
Google +1 x 2
Mobile (Cell) Phone
Myspace x 3
Picasa x 2
Twitter x 2
Windows x 2
Wordpress x 2
Yahoo x 2
Youtube x 2

  • Hey! I really like this one. It’s so hard to find a simple and minimalistic icon-set for social media buttons. Thank you for your work, this made my day!

    • Anonymous

      Glad you liked it. Feel free to spread the word.

  • Lyford Rome

    Thanks for these! I am using them in a high school design class.

    • daretothink

      Pleased they are of use to you.

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