Disable Flash in Chrome on Mac and PC

If you need to disable Flash in Chrome on either Mac or PC then simply type about:plugins into your address field and you will be shown all plugins available to disable.

Click Disable and, bingo, no more Flash.

When you are presented with an embedded Flash file in future you will get the chance to turn it back on.

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    Centre image within div

    Recently I needed a solution whereby the image was centred horizontally and vertically within its containing DIV. Seems straight forward until you bring IE into the mix of things. The problem is if you have an image which is not a set width/height i.e. a dynamically generated image. Anyway, here you have a solution that works in all browsers and validates.

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    BETA Launch of Interview Hub

    Today (actually last week, but I’ve only just got around to writing about it) saw the BETA launch of INTERVIEWHUB.The site provides a unique marketplace enabling journalists, with celebrity contacts, to publicise their pitches both online and via their email newsletter (also created by Dare to Think). The site will be seen by thousands of […]

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    Show and hide text in a form field using onclick and onblur

    A great way to reduce the need for a field heading/title is to include the informative text within the text field. This is most commonly used in search fields, where there’s often no further available room to include a heading alongside or above.

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    Should you remove the border on clicked links

    Firstly, dotted borders on clicked links are there for a reason – For accessibility and usability. They may not look pretty on your newly designed website but some folk rely on them to get around the web. Therefore only remove if strictly necessary.

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    10 Top Widgets for your Mac

    There’s literally thousands of widgets available for your Mac, but before you know it you’ll have cluttered up yet another part of your Mac with things you don’t really need and very rarely use. So which ones are actually useful and worth the download? Here’s 10, in no particular order, that I use.